Pros and cons of improving humans by genetic engineering.

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Human genetic engineering has been widely debated over the years. Many believe it should be banned while others think we should advance with our research. There are many different types of human genetic engineering. Three of which are the hottest topics right now. They include somatic engineering, germline engineering, and cloning (What is germline DNA?, 2003). Genetic engineering is basically altering the gene (What is germline DNA?, 2003). Somatic engineering can result in a change of eye color, intelligence, etc. (What is germline engineering). Germline engineering causes your child to turn out however you like (What is germline engineering?, 2003). Cloning is making an exact replica of another organism (What is germline engineering?, 2003).

There are many benefits to human genetic engineering. If we clone people, then that person can get a transplant if needed. Right now, if you got a transplant your body might reject the object and cause many problems.

By cloning, we can insure that this will not happen. Genetic engineering can also be used to make humans healthier (Genetic Engineering, 1995). By this I mean that if we further our research we may be able to extract the bad genes and replace them with the correct genes (Genetic Engineering, 1995). In doing so, humans will have less diseases and problems; therefore, enabling humans to profit from the unused health care money. Also dealing with germline engineering is basically designing your own baby (Bankston, 1999). This is very beneficial to your child because, your child wouldn't have to deal with genetic obstacles such as their physical appearance or their mental issues (Bankston, 1999). By changing your germline we could make humans be able to adapt to what is now thought of as unbearable environments. This will, of course, happen over a long period of time. As I...