Pros and Cons of Cloning.

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There are many benefits to cloning like fertility, organ transplants, and fighting disease. Although there are many benefits, the side effects and moral issues are too big for us to continue experimentation.

Firstly, cloning can help us solve many problems like infertility, diseases, organ transplants and aging. One of the benefits of cloning is in fertility. Another benefit in fertility is that parents who can't have kids naturally can still have a child related to them. Another benefit to cloning is that it can help fight disease. Learning about genes can lead to cures for cancer. Cloning could also help organ transplants and would save many lives. The organs used in the transplant could come from the same patient so there will not be body rejection. One more benefit, is that scientists may someday be able to reverse the aging process. Cloning can help solve a lot of problems that the world faces today.

However, There are also many reasons not to clone. One disadvantage is the risk of mutation. An abnormal baby could come from mutated genes. Another consequence is emotional problems. A clone could have a hard time finding his or her identity. There would be no need for reproduction if there is cloning. Religious people believe cloning is the thought of Playing God. . There are many risks of cloning like mutation, emotional problems, and the thought of playing god.

In conclusion, Disbelievers of cloning say that it is not natural, while the supporters believe many of our modern ways are not natural, but that does not make them wrong. In my opinion, the possible effects and moral concerns are too risky for us to experiment with. We have made it this far without cloning, and we can survive without it.