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For many years philosophers have disputed argued, dissected and used countless of other devices in order to prove God's existence. Is there someone or something that has been there since time started? All my life I was raised to believe that God exists. As I grew older, wiser, and take philosophy classes, I have heard about different beliefs that could of possibly persuaded me to lean towards the opposite beliefs that I have originally believe in. In school and in books I learn about philosophers like Socrates, Plato, Humes, Renè Descartes, and plenty of other philosophers. Philosophers like these shape concepts and open up new possibilities.

One of these philosophers, namely Renè Descartes, published 'Meditations on First Philosophy' in 1641. In his Meditations, he proposes a view of man, the universe, and God. That's where I will begin and to analyze Descartes' ontological argument. In order for me to prove that God exists I will get an excerpt from the fifth meditation.

Certainly I discover within me an idea of God, that is,

the idea of a supremely perfect being, is one that I discover to be no less within me than the idea of any figure or number. And that it belongs to God's nature that he always exists is something I understand no less clearly and distinctly than is the case when I demonstrated in regard to some figure or number that something also belongs to the nature of that figure or number. Thus even if not every thing that I have meditated during these past few days were true, the existence of God has some degree of certainty as to truths in mathematics.

Renè Descartes, Meditation 5,

To paraphrase: 1. God is a supremely perfect being. 2. God has all the perfections. 3. It...