Psychological influence of experiencing Islamophobia

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Psychological Impact of Experiencing Islamophobia 5

The Psychological Impact of Experiencing Islamophobia

Dr Elle Boag

Birmingham City University


This essay seeks to critically explore how the term Islamophobia has impacted psychologically on the wellbeing of ethnic minorities such as Muslims. In this essay discrimination would be considered as a major affect of Islamophobia and the psychological consequences would be discussed further. Presently a higher percentage of Muslims experience discrimination as a result of Islamophobia. Islamophobia is an emerging comparative concept in Social Sciences, this term can be defined as indiscriminate negative attitudes or emotions directed at Islam or Muslims (Hussain and Bagguley, 2012). A more accurate expression would be 'anti-Islamic racism' because it combines the elements of dislike of a religion and active discrimination against the people belonging to that religion (Githens-Mazer and Lambert, 2009). The historical context on Islamophobia, events that occurred, such as; 9/11/01 attack, 7/7/05 London bombing and Woolwich incident 22/5/13 would be discussed further in this essay alongside the social implications.

According to Hussain and Bagguley (2012), "Islamophobia was introduced at the end of the 1980s. This term has increasingly been used to describe the fear of Muslims as a social group. Global, national and international events are seen by both Muslims and non-Muslims to have local manifestations and expressions. These events have resulted in prejudice and discrimination towards Muslims.

Following the 9/11 attack in 2001, 7/7 London bombing in 2005 and the Woolwich incident which occurred on 22nd of May 2013, many studies focused on the impact these attacks had on the lives and wellbeing of people in the West. Few studies, however, addressed the consequences of these tragic events for Muslims living in Western countries. (Barkdull et al., 2011). The attacks on the Twin Towers in New York in 2001...