Psychology Paper - Death and Dying.

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Today is orientation and I can't wait to attend class. I am like a little kid going back to school after a summer break. I have heard so much about this course that I just can't wait to get myself involved in it. So many of my friends have said this is the best course they have taken. I had to promise them, that I would take this course before I graduated, so here I am. My heart is racing and my mind is on over-drive. There are so many questions that need to be answered, but I know along the way each one, well be answered.

In class, we all shared a little bit about ourselves and everyone seems ready to go. I'm more than sure that their will be a lot of grief and sadness in this course before it is all over. We will all cry for one another and will be touched by the person next to us.

I for one am very emotional, I cry easily. So I better make sure I carry my box of Kleenex with me.

Death is not something we like to think about, much less face it. We are fascinated when we see it on the television, hear it on the news, or read about in the newspaper. But when it comes to our own death or that of people close to us, we have problems coping with that. When death is personal, we become very uneasy. I think there are different ways of viewing death, weather it be an event, a mystery, a reward or even a punishment.

As I read the assigned articles, I noticed there are several interesting articles. One that really caught my eyes was that every culture has particular images or objects that serve as...