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As a teacher it would be important to acclimate the young child to the school and the other children. You could discuss the child's likes and interests then introduce him to other students who share these interests. You could also talk with the child about where he lives and introduce him to other children in the neighborhood, so he could have someone to play with on weekends and the summer. I think it would be important to talk with the child's grandparents, so they were aware of his desire to make friends. It would be a conscious effort in the classroom to ensure he was socializing well with the other students and making friends, without making the other students have to play with him.

As an administrator it would be important to remain in contact with the grandparents and helping them locate community resources. The administrator could provide contact information for local activities including sporting leagues, reading clubs, civic organizations and other activities that were age appropriate for the student.

These community activities would provide another avenue for socializing with other children. The administrator should check periodically with the student, teacher, and grandparents to ensure it was an effective transition.

Children's Poem

I thought it was interesting that this phrase was chosen. It is located on my checkbook cover, so I am reminded almost daily of the importance of my job. We have a special role as educators. We are given the opportunity to impact the lives of students on a daily basis. Almost every child can recall their teachers and their impressions of each of them, so it is important that we create a positive impact in their lives. We are role models of productive citizens for our children, and increasingly are given the opportunity to model not...