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ESSAY #2: You are the public relations officer for a major metropolitan police department and you have to manage a crisis situation with the media. What have you learned from this chapter and the case examples as to some of the problems and pitfalls to avoid in managing the crisis?If I were the public relations officer for a major metropolitan police department, I would be prepared for a crisis. A crisis can threaten way too much if you don't have a good plan in place. It is extremely important to have and maintain a strong relationship with the media. They can be your friend or your worst enemy at the time of a crisis. Know what you are dealing with, and communicate your strategy for a crisis plan with your fellow employees. It is also very important to rehearse your plan often.

During a crisis, things can get very hectic and stressful.

It is always best to call in for outside help to deal with the media. The best choice is to hire an experienced Public Relations firm. Fresh eyes can come in and make the decisions because your own Public Relations staff may get caught up in the emotion of the situation. It is also equally as important to never under-estimate the crisis at hand. In a crisis situation it is far better to be over prepared. If you are quick to respond, upfront and honest, and stay calm and collected, you will have a much better outcome when everything is all said and done.