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Josephine Zhang

Ms. Bell Gao

AP English and Composition

April 5, 2014

A Puff Pastry- The Grapes of Wrath

Fairy tale is the fancy for children, but as the age grows appetites grumbles for reality to extract the nutrients in order to survive in a complex world so that novel becomes the bread. For an individual, the growth is never easy, from a crawling infant to an independent adult; the bread supplies the nourishment. For an adult, it's never easy to stand tall; the bread gives them the strength. As for The Grape of Wrath written by John Steinbeck, it is a puff pastry baked by the fervor sun of Oklahoma of 1930s. The caramel color of the crust comes from the metamorphosis of Tom Joad; the second layer is rich because the fighting experience described is shared by all people caught by the Great Depression; the grapes of wrath in the creamy stuffing are still aftertasted by modern readers after decades.

From the literal level of The Grapes of Wrath, the story is about the transformation of the protagonist, Tom Joad. Because of the intercalary chapters, the plot develops slowly enough that not until chapter eight it becomes clear that Tom is portrayed as short-sighted and self-focused in the previous chapters. "He looked up quickly. 'Ma, when I seen what they done to our house-' She came near to him then, and stood close; and she said passionately, 'Tommy, don't you go fightin' 'em alone. They'll hunt you down like a coyote. Tommy, I got to thinkin' an' dreamin' an' wonderin'. They say there's a hun'erds thousands of us shoved out. If we was all mad the same way, Tommy- they wouldn't hunt nobody down-' She stopped." (Steinbeck 80) Through the conversation, the plot in four...