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Following the international disaster of world war one, there needed to be an organisation formed to prevent the chance of a war of that scale ever again. The League of Nations was designed primarily to prevent war and settle matters peacefully. The League also focused upon many humanitarian areas on an international level. Internationalism was a fundamental building block of the Leagues structure as well as a major aim of the organisation. Its intent was to maintain a good relationship between all nations, and maintain harmony through their imposing power.

The League of Nations was undoubtedly designed for the purpose of preventing another major scale war, or 'world war'. It set to go about this by uniting many of the major powers of the world to form an international framework. The League would be in a sense the judge of the world's disputes and settle matters peacefully without the need for war.

The great army of the League was meant to be the enforcing power behind this network. They would move in to disarm troublesome countries if the league decided it need be. However, with the significantly weakened military strength of powers such as France and Britain the leagues army was rendered practically ineffectual. The League did, however, manage to solve a few disputes peacefully. Yugoslavia withdrew from its invasion of Albania when faced by the power of the League. This was an example of the League working in the way it was designed. A dispute occurred, the League stepped in and the matter was resolved relatively peacefully.

The League of Nations had very internationalist aims especially in humanitarian areas and international diplomacy. The League was of course an internationalist organisation. It was essentially an assembly of delegates from many nations working together to solve international problems. The...