Pyramid of Links: This is a C&D Essay about Friends and the different categories of relationships that exist.

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I always wonder why some people can make more friends than others. Communication skill is one important factor in making friends, but it doesn't mean that we treat all our friends in a same approach. Some friends are closer than others, and some are only good to have fun with. We all have different characteristics, and some people always like to have a lot of friends around; in contrast, I am the kind of person who would like to spend more time on each individual friend. We meet many different kinds of friends in our lifetime, and there are four different stages of friendship that categorize each relationship.

The first type of friendship is called "Hi-Bye Friends." I usually meet these kinds of friends in a party or even at school. For example, when I went to a Christmas party, there were a lot of people that I didn't know in there.

Some of my friends would show their communication skills spontaneously to make new friends, but the friendships that I found at a party only last for a short time. When the night is over, those kinds of friendships are probably over as well. I am the kind of person that can make a lot of friends at a party; however, I will unintentionally forget the person's name that I just talked with when I start a new conversation with another person. Another example is that when we are at school, we meet a lot of friends in different classes. Eric is a friend that I know in from anthropology class that is only good for catching up on the notes that I missed in my class lecture. Although we may have to do some projects together, we won't hang out in our spare time. After the...