Queen Titania

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A Faerie Queen. In Shakespeare's, A Midsummer Night's Dream. Who could possibly be more regal, beautiful, and powerfully magical? You may be able to contradict this, but Titania is the perfect vision of power. Her bearing alone speaks volumes. Her very presence betrays her to immortal beings. She even commands mortals as a goddess, 'His mother was a votress of my order,'(2,1,123). Another proof that she has true power comes from the fact that even Oberon sometimes defers to her judgement.

Her beauty is fawned upon throughout the play. In the second scene her faeries name her as: Never harm, Nor spell, nor charm, Come our lovely lady nigh; So good night with lullaby. (2, 1,115) Even, and most importantly Bottom, falls more in love with her beauty then her actions towards him.

Her magic; that of a Faerie Queen is only second to that of Oberon in fact she proclaims that the changes of weather are a result of their fighting.

And this same progeny of evils comes From our debate, from our dissension: We are their parents and original. (2, 2,16) She controls the elements, and other immortals do her bidding. Only through trickery is Oberon able to cast the juice of the flower on her eyes. Enchanting her so that the first thing she spies, she will fall madly in love with.

As was mentioned, Titania is the most perfect embodiment of beauty, magic. And with her regal bearing she makes the other characters seem almost pale and shallow in comparison, proving to all what she is.

More then human.