Quest for the Truth

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Throughout time individuals have always searched for truth. What is truth? How is something considered to be the truth? How does truth affect my life? Much of who we are is based upon what we consider to be the truth; truth that is supported by reason and inference. Many consider life more worthwhile by living based upon what is considered to be the truth, not one based upon lies and groundless illusions.

For many individuals, reasoning is used to discover the truth. Logical reasoning often times extends our grasp for the truth. Logical reasoning is defined as taking one or more statements to support or justify the statement in question. Finding statements that support or justify the statement gives many a sense of purpose or makes something seem worthwhile. For many it makes them feel like life is worthwhile. For example, many parents question their parenting skills and/or parenting style.

To reassure their doubts they turn to those considered to be professionals. For many, once their questions are answered they consider this to be true. Thus, this gives a sense of worthwhile to this aspect of their life. Also, they have one or more statements to support the reason that they use the tactics that they do. This also helps to create beliefs. The parenting example demonstrates this. I have found this is personal experience. I do not believe in spanking. I think that it is harmful to a child. I spent a lot of time researching this. I read articles and talked to psychologists. I found that there was more evidence to support that spanking is harmful to a child. After all of my research was done, I found that I believe that spanking is harmful to be the truth. I now feel that my parenting method has...