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I have chosen Anita Roddick for my research assessment because I believe that her contribution to Australian society and international countries are morally significant and also her work had greatly influenced not only the consumer who buys her products but also employees and people in the same industry. Anita Roddick had serve the society in a way which none of the other cosmetic industries have, Anita had joined many campaign and also lots of other environmental and health care work throughout the international countries. Since the first protestant of her turning agents the cruelty of testing cosmetic products and other human products on animals, it had a great deal of effect within our society towards the understanding of animal testing situations.

1. Explain who and what were the major influences on the person you have chosen.

Anita Roddic's mother had a great influence on her by re-using containers during the Second World War; this set the foundation of Anita's idea for The Body Shop. Anita's greater motive to open The Body shop was to show customers how cosmetic products are only used for cleansing, protection and polishing. Since she started The Body Shop she started to travel around the world, Anita received many knowledge's about body rituals and she also discovered twelve natural ingredients from women who has special recopies caring for their skins in different parts of the world whilst traveling. Also Anita opened her first shop in order to raise her kids and for livelihood because her husband was away traveling in other countries.

2. What was/is the religious/philosophical basis of the person's ethics?

As a cosmetic shop owner Anita Roddick developed a strong philosophy that she does not believe in body and soul: profits with principles. Anita proclaimed "I hate the beauty business. It...