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The league hoped to prevent wars between countries by coming up with collective security. When using that method first they'd apply trade sanctions, if that didn't work then they'd disarm the aggressors, and if that didn't work they'd do it by force. Also one of the aims of the League of Nations was to discourage aggression, preventing war was part of this aim, so they hoped to prevent future wars between countries by applying disarmament. They encouraged disarmament, but no country applied it, but Germany was forced to do it, so it disarmed, but this caused a lot of problems. Also, because the league was responsible for enforcing the treaty they'd definitely have to try and stop any future wars, because in the treaty the league was to settle any disputes of any sort, and also the league would have to stop wars through the international court of justice. This is very important because the court of justice was international and that means that all countries would have to abide by the rule given by the court.

France and Britain disagreed a lot with the course of action. It wasn't only that, but Britain was more interested in rebuilding British trade and looking after the British Empire than in being an international police force while France's main concern was still Germany and it wanted the League to enforce the treaties. Lastly both were not willing to commit forces to events a long way from home and it seemed that Britain and France failed to commit to making tough decisions.

Not all nations were members of the League. The USA never joined and this deprived the League of the support of the most powerful nation in the world. The League had no armed forces of its own, so it relied on...