On R. Kent Hughes book "EPHESIANS: The Mystery of the Body of Christ"

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EPHESIANS: The Mystery of the Body of Christ

R. Kent Hughes

Religion/Christianity/Biblical Commentary

The Apostle Paul and the 'Saints' of the church in Ephesus


Not knowing what to expect when I ordered this book I was comforted to see that it was, when all was said and done, an expanded bible commentary on the book of Ephesians.

Whereas most theologians divide Paul's letter to the Ephesians into two section, some divide it into three, but they all then seem to break it down to a line by line analysis. Mr. Hughes divides the segments of his book into an analysis, not line by line, so much as by logical thought or point groupings. As such his book segments into 30 chapters each delving into a grouping of passages from this letter that the Apostle Paul wrote to the 'Saints' at the church in Ephesus.

The Book of Ephesians tells us of the mystery of the union of between Christ Jesus and the Church.

Through the Holy Spirit's movement in them, the bodies of believers join together and celebrate in the guarantee that there is something other than this earthly way of life. Christ is the Head over the Church, relating this body of believers to the "heavenly places," with the assurance that someday they will rule and reign with Him forever.

As one would surmise he gives the usual commentary espoused in most books of this genre, no surprise there. Wherein he strays from the pack though is with his generous use of quotes of notable theologians and his utilization of vividly descriptive written stories to illustrate Paul's point.

A. Celebration of Blessing (Ephesians 1:1-3)

Ephesians - carefully, reverently, prayerfully considered - will change our lives. It is not so much what we will do with...