On Race Differences In Intelligence

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Research Should Be Done On Race Differences In Intelligence

Should research be done on race differences in cognitive ability? The position that I have taken is, Yes, or to be more accurate, Yes, in accordance with ....

Yes, in accordance with research that is justly motivated, ethically performed, and sufficiently communicated.

Note that the requirements do not include: 'and be pertinent to racial differences from a purely environmental perspective.' I feel that research on racial differences should be done from any perspective that might grant us information on the subject matter. I also feel that the stated qualifications should apply to any research done on this topic. 'Ignorance is never to be preferred to knowledge' (Harrington, 1990, p. 156).

People have avoided the topic of racial differences for many reasons. Some people sense that racial differences are unpleasant matters not to be referred to in a polite society. Others tend to believe that such differences should be the object of appreciation and enjoyment, rather than of analysis.

Some fear that discussing intelligence in accordance to race will promote racism. Others desire to understand the nature and origin of racial differences, sometimes out of curiosity, sometimes with the goal of changing (some of) them. For these people the research should be suitable. It is also important to take into consideration what research one wants to do on racial differences, and why one is interested. If this self-questioning


leads to the belief that the research in mind is sensible and the motives pure, there is still

the communication that needs to be considered. Communication to both the sensible

nature of the research and the worthiness value of the intentions to an audience that may manifest in both a lack of education and paranoia. It is probably impossible to make research into...