Racial Profiling.

Essay by sniper786 November 2005

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There is no freedom in this world. Police are known for sweeping your rights away from right under your feet. I've experienced this first hand. When me and my friends where walking threw the park. All of a sudden four cop cars drive in. Swarming us from both sides we stood still. They got out and swung us up on the cars and checked us. We where confused didn't know what was going on. They emptied everything out of are pocket and fully looked over us making sure they didn't miss anything. After checking us they arrested one of my friends just because he looked like a suspect they where looking for. We asked what description they had of the suspect a black male average high and that was it. He was taken to the station and later freed. We spent 2 hours in the freezing cold and for what.

The cops thought we where the kids that rob some guy with a hammer and beet him up because the attackers where a group of kids. It was messed up, we where at the wrong place at the wrong time that's all.

The worst part about it is that one of my friends was a Caucasian male who was not even checked and let go. My other friends and I where darker skinned and we where all together but they harassed us not him. People no matter how much we deny it discriminate each other and judge each other by the colour of there skin. People look at what some people in ones race have done wrong and evidently judge the whole race. It is pretty sad especially when the police are the ones discriminating again people in the society. Not only do they discriminate by colour they discriminate by...