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Racism is but one of the largest problems in our society. It is used in so many different ways that many people are not aware. When will there be an end to this, many of us may wonder. In my opinion, it will go on forever. There does not seem to be too many people who really want to put an end to this controversy. Most of us do not realize how serious racism is and what it is doing to our society. In addition, if people do not begin to realize the seriousness of racism, it just may go on forever.

Blacks continue to struggle for equality and freedom, many racist whites feel that blacks does not deserve to live as well as them. They do not want to see them accomplish anything. Moreover, they will do whatever it takes so that blacks will not succeed. Instead of blacks standing up for themselves and making it their life dream to accomplish something, many of them settle for less.

Although we have to work harder to make our dreams reality, it is worth the time and effort.

During the year of 1995, there was a Million Man March held in Washington D.C. This was the largest black march ever. There were buses arranged to transport our black men to and from, the black women supported them. Although this was only for the men and there was some that were unable to attend, they previewed it live on television. This along with other black movements will go down in history.

This march was held to bring all the black men together in peace and educate them. Many times, we may hear people say that this is the white man's world and a black person will never get ahead. Well, that is...