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My essay is based on drugs and the harm it can do to others. I think that this problem is like a flaw to men. Created by mankind and if to be continued it will become the downfall of mankind. There are many types of drugs for example: cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana, acid, and many more. Some of these drugs were first made to be used as medical treatment. But there were some side effects therefore it was then banned. But others kept using drugs to forget and to feel good. But all this does is to mess your body up.

I have some suggestions. But these cannot work without he help of the community and the school. These places have and outstanding amount of influence on teenagers. I say teenagers because they are the ones that mainly use drugs.

I think they use drugs to get away from their problems.

It is much harder to be a teenager now then it was a few years ago. Now teens have to deal with drugs and sexual activity. There is no way to escape it. It will always be around them. It is in there music and on TV.

So next time you want to judge a teen for acting a little weird just think about what you could lead them to do .