Racism Post 911.

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USA Post-Pearl Harbor vs. USA Post-9/11


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When the September 11th Tragedy occurred, the American people were devastated. Many sat in front of their television sets watching the horrifying images of the planes hitting the towers over and over again. Others took their aggression out by attacking and in some cases murdering those who looked like they were of Middle Eastern descent. When the World Trade Centers came tumbling down, the news broadcasters publicly stated that this has been the biggest attack on America since Pearl Harbor.

If one can remember anything about Pearl Harbor, it would go in this order. First, the thousands of lives the United States lost (2,174 to be exact) will come to mind. (source:www.worldwar2history.info/PearlHarbor) After that though, the incarceration of the immigrant Japanese as well as the Japanese-American population is brought to light. They were incarcerated because of their potential threat to the United States, though they really presented no threat at all.

After all, there has never been any substantiated proof, to back up a theory that Japanese American spies had any hand in assisting Japanese pilots with the attack. Why is it then that people of Middle Eastern descent have not been incarcerated like the Japanese were? The Muslims and Arabs of today are not being incarcerated like the Japanese were after Pearl Harbor because of the fact that the United States has changed into a more politically correct society since the 1940's.

Usama Bin Laden, one of the world's most wanted terrorists. Photo from FBI website.


September 11th, 2001. The most devastating attack that this nation has ever received from anybody. 3,030 people were presumed dead a year after the tragedy. (Source: CNN&Reuters 2002, www.sept.11news.com) When September 11th came around, a large number of the Arabs and Muslims (and...