Radiologic Technology

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Introduction to radiographic science

Chapter 1

The primary source used by patients to obtain information about physicians and hospitals is:

Friends and relatives

When choosing a hospital for care, who is primarily making the selection?

Patient and family

When in need of additional care, what is the main reason that patients return to a certain hospital?

Quality of care

Selecting a hospital is based primarily on what factors?

Courtesy of staff and availability of state-of-the-art technology

The ability to appreciate that patients feelings is:


Every interacting between a radiologic technologist and an inside or outside customer is considered to be:

Moments of truth

When addressing the adult patient for the first time, what should happen?

The last name with an appropriate title should be used, along with a pleasant greeting

Examples of inside customers include:

Co-workers and other departments

What is the primary outside customer served by the radiologist?


A statement about conflict resolution is:

It must be effectively managed by the radiographer

Chapter 2

What are the four human needs essential for survival?

Clothing, food, shelter, and the will to reproduce

What are the physiologic needs?

Recreation, sleep, and nutrition

Psychologic care means maintaining:

A healthy balance between rational thoughts and emotions

Emotionality is the state of:

A sound emotional balance

What are the three types of primal reactions to stress?

Fight or flight, religious or philosophic belief, and persuasion

Statement that is most consistent with the idea of coping with stress is:

In coping with stress, you behave in a way you found most rewarding in your past experiences

What is the first step in resolving conflict?

Identifying the cause

What is the easiest type of conflict to resolve?

Factual issues

Perception is:

How an event is perceived is influenced by what is stored in memory.