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1. Recent statistics point to an increase in sexual crimes against children. Imagine that you are a social worker who has been asked to speak to a select group. Using process as the dominant rhetorical strategy, write an essay outlining what parents can do to protect their children from sexual predators who inhabit the real and virtual worlds

TOPIC: Parents can play an effective role in protecting children from sexual predators

PURPOSE: The purpose of this essay is to inform parents on how to [protect children from sexual predators

AUDIENCE: Parents and guardians

THESIS: Child sexual Abuse is rampantly on the rise in Jamaica; nonetheless, parents and guardians can play an active role in protecting our children from sexual predators both in the real and virtual world by effective supervision, developing trust relationships between parents and children and educating our children.

I. Effectively Supervising Children

A. What is Supervision and what does this entail?

1. Parents should monitor television and internet use

B. How does supervision protects children from predators?

II. Development of Trusting Relationships between parents and their child (ren)

What does one mean by trust relationships?

How can parents achieve this?

How does this help to protect children?

III. Education of Children

what is Education and what exactly should parents educate their children about

how can education prevent child sexual abuse

Are Jamaican children being robbed of their childhood? Are parents doing enough to diminish increasing levels of Child sexual abuse? Statistical evidence has proven that the number of sexual offences against children has alarmingly increased. On June 12, 2008, the first annual report of the Office of the Children's Advocate showed that 1,185 cases of rape and carnal abuse were reported in 2006. As at September 2008, the Children's Registry has reported 541 cases of carnal...