Ralph in "Lord of the Flies" by Willam Golding.

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Ralph in "The Lord of the Flies"

"The Lord of the Flies" is a novel written by William Golding. The setting is in the future on an isolated island in the Pacific Ocean. An academy of boys evacuate on a plane from England, where a war is being fought. An enemy aircraft attacks the planeload of boys. The boys land safely on this island. At first, the mood is one of joy and freedom as the boys discover an island of paradise without adults. The boys decide they need a type of government and elect Ralph, a 12-year old boy, as their leader. The island seems perfect and exciting until the boys' priorities conflict. The events on the island turn to chaos as most of the boys become brain washed by Jack, and Ralph becomes their main target. The following paragraphs covers the major conflicts, and center themes, and main characters, especially Ralph, of the novel.

Examples, to support the theme and conflicts, is discussed with Ralph's characteristics.

According to the website, Pink Monkey, the centered theme governs the idea that man is a fallen creature. Golding insists evil is instinctive in man. Mankind must recognize and control a terrifying force. Individualism replaces companionship and leads to destruction. The community of boys represents and reflects the disorder and terror of the larger world.

In the conflict in the novel, Ralph strives to keep the boys civilized and plans ways to receive rescue. Jack wants to be chief and breaks away from Ralph to form his own tribe. Jack turns boys into savage hunters.

There are three main characters in "The Lord of the Flies," Ralph, Piggy, and Jack. Jack is the symbol of emotion and savagery. He lives to hunt, rules as a dictator, and is...