Raymond Georges "Yves" Tanguy.

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Raymond Georges "Yves" Tanguy, a French surrealist painter was born in Paris on January 5, 1900. Although, born in Paris his parents were Breton. His father was a sea captain. When his father died in 19058 Tanguy went to live with relatives in the province of Brittany. He spent his summers on the coast of the Atlantic. By looking at his paintings, it is evident that this made a great impression on him. It was also thought that he had a deep attachment for his mother.

Tanguy returned to Paris, he attended the Lycee Montaigne and later the Lycee St. Louis until 1917. One of his classmates was the son of Henri Matisse, Pierre. During this time, Tanguy neglected his studies. Had he not been such a loner he would have fit right into the role of class rebel. Instead of studying Tanguy drank heavily and delved into drug use by sniffing ether.

This might explain his dreamlike quality to his paintings. Tanguy during this period actually showed very little interest in art, however, as a youth he was quite impressed with an artist by the name of Toche. How this man would take his brushes and easels to the Paris streets and remain completely oblivious to the stares of pedestrians passing by.

In 1918, he joined the Merchant Marine as an apprentice officer. His travels take him to places such as South America, Portugal, Africa and England. This may be where his paintings take on an aquatic feel at times as well as the lunar impression.

Then WWI came and he was drafted into the French Army. Again, his depression was lifted by a friendship with a poet, who shared in his rebellion for authoritative figures. His comrades were witnesses to his eccentric escapades. For instance, once...