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The film we just viewed was partly a combat movie. The film tried to portray the affects of after the war back in the early 1990's. It showed us a lot of violence and shooting. The director tried to get the feel of the war by using uniforms, vehicles, tents, and scenery that the military might use. The dialogue in the film also tried to have a combat feel to it with the actors using military terms and tactics.

I noticed some elements of comedy in this film. The story had unexpected humor that challenges the conventions that we have come to expect from the conventions of the typical combat film, where else can you see grown men taking practice shots at Nerf footballs, a P.O.W. using a cell-phone to call home to ask his wife for help, or a comic demonstration on the destructive power of a landmine? I am surprised the animal activist didn't make a big deal about that with the cow blowing up even thought I'm sure it was a dummy cow.

This film had many differences then a classic Hollywood style film. It was not have character based. It focused on the four main characters but then also focused on the refuges at the end. It's ironic that the movie had four characters that were trying to steal the gold but yet it was only titled Three Kings, shouldn't it be four, unless the director was trying to get a biblical aspect across. The film also had a documentary look to it with the almost bleached screen colors unless that was just from the projector. Even though the film did go in linear sequence, it just felt more of an informative film about the media and soldiers after the war.

I enjoyed this movie. I...