Reactions between HCL and Marble chips

Essay by Wrighty88 March 2005

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Planning I have decided to investigate the effect of different concentrations of hydrochloric acid on marble chips. I want to see how long it takes for 30cm of carbon dioxide to be given off once the acid and marble chips start reacting. I carried out a preliminary experiment to see what sort of time ranges I was going to expect because I wanted to get the concentration levels right otherwise I could have been waiting for a long time. I didn't have that sort of time in the laboratory to wait around. In this investigation I will be using the following apparatus, one conical flask to put the marble chips in and also to put the acid in so they react. One bung to seal the top of the conical flask. A piece of delivery tube, this carries the gas to the measuring cylinder. Two measuring cylinders, one to measure the amount of acid and water to make my acid concentrations, and the other which is slightly bigger to collect the gas during the reaction so I know when the amount I desire has been collected.

One clamp and clamp stand to keep the measuring cylinder steady when it is collecting the gas. One water bath to store water in and helping to see how much gas had been collected. One balance to measure the weight of the marble chips. I will use safety glasses at all times because I am using acid and I will get the teacher to check my experiment before I start. Diagram: There are some factors that affect the rate of a reaction. They are: Concentration of reactants Temperature of reactants Surface area of reactants Use of catalysts Presence of light These factors affect the number of collisions of reactant particles, and this, in...