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The title of the movie Real Women Have Curves has a double meaning. Not only does it refer to body shape, but it also refer to the person who has the guts to do something and always is able to reach her goal. The director of this movie is Patricia Cardoso, who launched this funny and dramatic film. Basically, this movie is about the battle between a woman's desire to better her life through education and the traditional expectations of her family. Ana is the character throughout the movie, who has the ability to do something and show people her talent. She grows up through movie, which prove she is round character.

This movie is about a Mexican family. The family tradition in the movie is about late 70's or 80's. in the movie there are parents, their two daughters, two of their cousins and a grandfather. Ana is the main character in the film.

And is the younger daughter and Estella is the elder daughter. Carmen is Ana's mother, who is old-fashioned, dramatic and traditional. Ana's father and her other two cousins do gardening to people's homes. Estella and her mother work at their sewing factory. Estella takes orders for dresses from a big company. Ana's mother is always critical of her. She always tells her that, "She is fat. She should lose some weight." Carmen gives her Estella's example. She

says, " Look at your sister. She is also the same like you, a fatty. That's why she is not married yet."

Ana has an outspoken personality. She is modern. Her thinking is different than her mother's old traditional thinking. She is on her last year of high school. When her teacher asks everyone in the class what that are going to do after graduation, she...