Reasons for the Assassination of Julius Caesar

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The Ides of March 44 BC was a date which marked change and tragedy for Rome and will forever be remembered in history. A group of more than 60 senators conspired to kill Julius Caesar in order to remove him from his role of power in Rome. The group consisted of men such as Brutus and Cassius, who were proven republicans; there were also former followers of Pompey, as well as men with strong personal grudges against Caesar. Despite the large number of people involved, the assassination plans were a well kept secret. On March 15th, 44 BC, Caesar was scheduled to attend a meeting of the senate in a hall next to Pompey's theatre. It was planned that one of the members of the conspiracy was to fall down at Caesar's feet with a petition while simultaneously grabbing his toga which would stop Caesar from being able to defend himself.

As soon as this occurred another member was to stab Caesar. Caesar tried to defend himself but was not able to defend himself against so many enraged men, in total he was stabbed 23 times. There were many motives for the conspirators to band together and plot against Caesar. One such reason was political. During Caesar's period as consul, he made a rule in which no policies could be created and no laws passed while he was away from Rome. This helped increase his power as a dictator, as he did not create a representative system to help govern Rome. The only opposition Caesar had to face during his reign as consul of Rome came from the senate. However he kept replacing members with men who would be loyal to him. Along with having complete control of Roman laws, Caesar gave himself permission to create...