The Recurring Themes Of Alice In Wonderland

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The Recurring Themes in Alice?s Wonderland Throughout the entire work, there seem to be recurring themes. Alice?s experiences, while intriguing and interesting enough in themselves, at times seem allegorical and symbolic of very common adolescent and pubescent experiences. Prevalent throughout the book are Alice?s growth into adulthood, her physical size change and learning the rules of the land.

The most common theme that underlies the absolute story is Alice?s growth into adulthood. Alice's adventures, through her encounter in the wonderland she has been thrust into, parallel the journey from childhood to adulthood. She encounters many character and situation new to her and it is her reaction to these new stimuli that illustrate her progressive growth. Throughout her adventure she comes into numerous new situations in which adaptability is absolutely necessary for success. She displays obvious progress throughout the course of the book; in the beginning, she can has trouble maintaining enough composure to keep herself from crying and getting upset over anything.

By the end of the novel, she is confident, determined, and self-possessed and able to hold her own against the most mind boggling and baffling Wonderland logic.

In support of the above theme, size change is another recurring concept. The striking changes in physical size hint at the drastic changes that not only Alice?s body undergoes during adolescence, but everyone else?s as well. The fundamental principle, once again, is adaptability. Alice's physical size changes also evoke a change in perspective, and she views the world from a very different, more calculated, view. In the last trial scene, her growth into a giant reflects her interior growth and progress into the next stage into adulthood. She develops into a much stronger, self-possessed person, able to speak out and protest against the nonsensical proceedings of the trial.

Alice?s entire adventure...