Redistribution of Wealth

Essay by vinni119 March 2003

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My fellow Americans, I wish to discuss a matter that has been discussed time and time again, and that is the matter of redistribution of wealth.

Some people believe that we shouldn't have wealth redistribution because not only did they work hard for their money but they also believe that the government takes too much of their hard money as it is. Others believe that wealth should be redistributed because they either feel everyone should be as wealthy as their neighbors, or they don't have enough money as it is and need more money to survive.

I believe that both should happen. What I mean by this is that I do believe that our government takes too much from us as it is, and it shouldn't be done. The reason I feel this way is because when people have more money they spend more money, sending our economy on an upward spiral.

I also feel that our country's wealth should be redistributed to those that need it, for when everyone has their fair-share of money, they can lead semi-normal lives and are then able to take care of their families.

In conclusion I wish to redistribute this country's wealth moderately so that all citizens are happy because they have enough money, yet they don't have to give up much of their hard-earned money for other peoples sake.