With reference to specific advertisements you have seen, explain what techniques have been used and why.

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Carte Dour Ice Cream - A man and a woman are in a limo. Driving along, the man starts to prepare an ordinary ice cream for his girlfriend. As he is doing this, the girl is watching the limo TV, which is advertising Carte Dour. As the advert finishes, she is presented with this ordinary ice cream. Not pleased, she pouts. Then in the next scene we see her lover being thrown out of the moving limo in to a pile of rubbish.

This advert concentrates mainly on humour. It tells audiences that it is no ordinary ice cream and at the same time makes people laugh out loud. Adding humour to an advert makes it a lot easier to understand and also it makes more memorable, which is useful when shoppers see the Carte Dour logo in markets.

Motorola - The mobile phone rings in a record shop.

The tune sung and hummed throughout the whole advert, passed on from person to person who have heard the tune. From parking lots, to deserts. Finally a man in the record shop is still humming the tune just as the first man finishes his conversation.

This advert mainly uses music and repetition. These two techniques work very powerfully together. Music in an advert makes it memorable as the association can be linked between the tune and the advert, almost unconsciously. In other words people will remember the advert, the phone make, the model and other such features just by hearing the tune.

Repetition simply jams the advert in to our head. It's a fact that if we see or hear any thing a number of times, we will remember with out even noticing. Good themes tune, slogan, image, brand name, etc will well remembered, long after...