"Reflecting on Ethos of the School and its community"

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Question 1

"The Year 2005 is the 125th year of the founding of St Ignatius College, Riverview, a school which has provided an education in the liberal, classical tradition for the small catholic elite of NSW, with the aim of producing Catholic leaders. "

From Fr Frank Brennan's sermon, he highlights this key issue of producing Catholic leaders in the context of 'men for others'. Brennan relates to how many opportunities we have, as he compares the harsh landscape of Woomera to the majestic drive of Saint Ignatius. Riverview offers opportunities through the consistent application of both curricular and co-curricular religious formation, as well as aspects of the School such as culture, sport and spirituality that endeavour us "to bring the religious cultural and Ignatian ethos to the leadership team, and demonstrates the importance that is placed on this part of the students formation within the school environment"

My education has provided many opportunities to fulfil Fr.

Brennan's tasks. Firstly, through my spiritual connection with the school I have prepared myself both morally and ethically. My morals have transformed through preparing me for an active role in the Christian community. From the service for others, I have experienced the viewpoint from many personalities such as the poor, frail and lonely. This has impacted on my nature and outlook to life. In my 20 hours of community service I worked at Kamilaroi nursing home. This experience helped me to find God in all things and was one of the ways the school helped me to fulfil Fr Frank Brennan's dream. Working at Kamilaroi further taught me to excel beyond just the classroom and 'dare to do your best'. Excelling beyond the classroom and being around people that have made sacrifices for others relates back to the Jesuits work...