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It was time that I stepped outside the four walls of my house. To be able to walk without any constraint or control was so overwhelming a feeling that I wanted to run like the fastest person. Everyone around me was elated to see me rise, was ready to guard me, support me in case I fall and inspire me to keep moving. I'm just like wet clay the society can imprint any trait in my personality. I'm being taught about good and evil, the pros and cons of situations. The stories handed down over generations from my grandmother teach me to take the right path always. I'm being taught to keep up my good work and have faith in god. Now, slowly I am realizing that the advices given to me have shaped the way I look out at the world. Now more than the moral in story, the circumstances in life have given me a new perspective.

I have learned to realize my dreams through perseverance, faith and hard work. With the lessons taught above I have to understand how to identify evil in society.

From this phase of life I have to distance myself from familiar atmosphere so that I can carve my own niche in society. I realize I have grown as a person, I can feel some changes in me. It seems there is a problem to imply those lessons in the present circumstances. I'm in need of someone, a voice which could help me to sort out the inner conflicts and give the right directions. I am losing out to these contemplations. I'm transforming. Probably I have covered these doubts within me with a grab and with this I have achieved success. Now I'm not obliged to accept what people ask me...