Reflective practice: integrated themes & frameworks

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In this assignment I will reflect on several incidents from my clinical practice and discuss these in relation to themes and recognised frameworks that tie in with my own learning issues in each instance. The framework that I have applied that contributed to the decisions I made during the first exemplar is critical thinking, and how it relates in application to nursing, and the many facets within. I have analysed each of the situations and evaluated the way in which I had made accomplishments within them. By reflecting and thinking critically one is challenged on a personal and professional level, facilitating an individual's professional growth (Miller and Babcock, 1996).

Although many themes could be identified with from this exemplar, I feel the main theme for my on learning in this instance is that of dealing with stressful situations and having to cope in an emergency. The framework is critical thinking, in relation to professional growth.

Exemplar 1.

On one afternoon rotation I was involved in an acute emergency type situation. I was working in the Hospital ICU, in A. room with a post-op patient Mr Bart (name changed for confidentiality) whom had a Coronary Artery Bi-pass Graft (CABG). The patient required close monitoring half hourly since being received from theatre, as is part of the normal nursing process. In theatre the patient had a lost a substantial amount of blood, although the patient had been relatively stable subsequently. The recovery nurse seemed unconcerned at this development and having bought the situation under control with the assistance of my preceptor and myself, continued giving the handover. An anti-emetic (Maxalon) was given as per the protocol, which seemed to have a good effect on the patient, who settled after a time.

During the handover it was noted that the operation had...