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Probably you are aware what the term reform means. Modern dictionaries define it as a change made to a system or organization, in order to improve or remove unfairness.

From my point of view not all members of the society But always think about improving, making life and world better

In all times mankind tried to reconstruct the existing system in order to get rid of disadvantages of life. So called they had a strong desire for the better future. Now we definitely should live in a perfect society taking into account how many reforms were made by our ancestors, Economical, Social... etc. We live in a constant changing.

Definitely people live in a different way. Someone is happy about the existing society and someone maybe is searching for innovations, new ways of solving problems. But each change which is forced to people definitely is a shock.

As a member of existing society I am for reform and for integration.

The question is which method is used in order to reach the goal.