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The European Union is a supranational organization, in other words more than one country is involved in it and that it had greater authority than any single country within it. European governments that choose to be members of the Union implicitly decide to give up part of their national sovereignty and thus to agree on policies in social, political and economic matters which are of common interest. It was the British Conservative Prime Minister Winston Churchill that said: "We must build a kind of United States of Europe". This said, ironically, it's Britain that has consistently represented a difficult issue in the European integration. This state is one of the greatest Eurosceptics since it finds it particularly difficult to link domestic and European policies together.

In 1992 the relations between the United Kingdom and the European Union were already precarious. In fact, it was in 1984 that Margaret Thatcher pronounced the famous phrase: "I want my money back".

The Prime Minister believed the EC contributions were unfair and unjust in respect to its country, because it receive much less in agricultural subsidies than some other countries, notably France. This was one of the major reason why the 1980s saw a growing division between Britain and Brussels, seat of the European Commission. During her rule, she fought a number of battles against what she saw as the excessive powers of Brussels, as the one against the European single currency. She thought it was a mere attempt to create a European super state and that it would fail economically, politically, and socially. Although, she was replace by John Major in 1990, who assisted to a terrible crisis of the United Kingdom in 1992. It is known as the "Black Wednesday" and it still recognized as one of the lowest points in...