Relationships how they work and what holds them together

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A Successful Relationship: A Combination of Trust, Forgiveness, and Loyalty

In general, all types of relationships can be very difficult to build and maintain. There are a number of reasons for this difficulty, mainly that two people will never agree on all subjects. Plus, each member of the relationship may have a different outlook on the boundaries of the relationship and where it will head in the future. However, there are key elements that all successful relationships possess, which sustain that relationship through the cycles of highs and lows. The three most important aspects of a relationship that create continuity are trust, forgiveness, and loyalty.

Trust is one of the key elements in successful relationships because it is the very foundation that the relationship is built upon. The relationship would never even start if it were not for trust because a person must feel enough at ease in order for another person to meet them in a common location and perhaps ride alone with them in a car.

If this initial trust were not there, a person would be in constant fear of harm during their encounter. For example, the person must trust that their date will not physically attack them, engage in conflict with other people that put the person in danger, such as starting fights, and that the date will not drive crazily or pick them up drunk, causing them to crash the car.

After this initial contact is made, trust carries the relationship to the next level. This is due to the fact that people must trust each other enough to share their feelings, secrets, and life stories without the fear of rejection or humiliation. They must feel as if they are in a safe environment in which they can share details of their life without...