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This was for a psch1 class.

Throughout the centuries, man-kinds biggest concern and belief was religion. Many questions were asked before that are still roaming around people's minds.

1. Does god exist?

2. How do I know what religion to believe in?

3. What effect does religion have on my life?

These are some of the questions that people consider when they are trying to find their spiritual selves. Many more questions are a big result of behavior activities which make our way of life.

What is religion? Religion is a service and worship of God that involves devotion to a religious faith, beliefs, attitudes and practices. (Merriam- Webster pg. 443) Most people see religion as something that is simple when in actuality it is complicated and multi-layered. So what does psychology have to do with religion? While psychology interacts with the mind, (scientifically speaking) religion persuades us into thinking that our religion is linked morally and spiritually to our behavior.

Does God exist?

God exist in the religion that you are practicing on. Many religions believe in more than one god, and will bring good fortune to those who praise them. Others rather carry emblems that represent their true belief towards a specific religion. Followers seem to be confused when it is said that God, as an immortal


was the creator of all mankind and animals. Different people have different views on whether God exist or not. Till this day, God's existence cannot be proved or disproved, which indicates that many beliefs are very different. The existence of God, to some people, means that there also has to be great evil. According to the book of Genesis, which is found in the Christian Bible, God created man in His own image. (1:27) This man was named Adam.