Religion/Christian Marriage: The Parenthood, directed by Ron Howard, dicuss one family in the movie and relate it to christian marriage.

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The Parenthood, directed by Ron Howard, is a movie that deals with many family issues. The movie is about a large family, and all of the adults have children of their own. The patriarch of the family is Frank Buckman. Frank has four children, Gil, Helen, Larry, and Susan. Each of them either has children with problems or problems with their children.

The oldest son of the family is Gil. He has a wife, Karen, and three children, Kevin, Taylor, and Justin. The movie begins with Gil having a flashback to one of his birthdays when he was a child. Every year, Gil's father would take him to a baseball game and pay an usher to keep him company while he leaves to attend some other business. This makes Gil feel that Frank was a terrible father, and it was his fault his children all have problems.

Gil's biggest problem does not deal with his father, but is with his oldest child, Kevin. Kevin's principal tells Gil and Karen that he has emotional problems, and feels that Kevin should not return to his school the next year, and should rather go to a school for children with special needs, and also see a therapist. Gil is willing to make a sacrifice by getting a second job to send Kevin to private school, but the principal thinks that is not necessary.

Gil tries to build confidence in Kevin in several ways. One way is through baseball. Kevin's teammates don't appreciate his play, and are cruel by saying 'he sucks' whenever he makes an error on a play. There is also a scene at the arcade, when a bully takes Kevin's quarters, but Kevin in an emotional state wants to go home. He also questions his dad on why...