Remain Studying History.

Essay by dailydream04 March 2004

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There are many reasons why we should remain studying history. The study of history not only helps us in learning where we come from, but as to what we may be heading towards. History helps us better understand why the things we see and have today are there for us. Some people my think that it is a waist of time to be studying our history. When it is full of hate, war and poverty. This in fact may be true to some sense. But without the knowledge, that we as a nation have gained through those hard times, we would be heading to the same horrors of the past.

Without the study of our history, such as the Vietnam War, we would have never learned the enormous amounts of American soldiers that died for nothing, in my opinion. The tragic misuse of air and naval power in the Vietnam War, where the United States had a decisive military advantage, resulting in an unnecessary enormous cost and deadly war.

Would never be known and could almost certainly happen again.

The 1991 Gulf War was waged with the lessons of Vietnam obviously in mind. President George Bush clearly articulated Gulf War military objectives and grand strategy. He empowered military commanders to develop a strategy for victory. Forceful and determined presidential leadership avoided any chance of stalemate and entanglement in fruitless negotiations. The president rushed large military forces to the theater of war and insisted on their early use against enemy forces. Overwhelming air power applied quickly achieved objectives with minimal losses. As a result, a blazing tempo of operations imposed a rate of destructive punishment that shattered the enemy's cohesion and military capacity, ending in defeat of Iraqs' forces and liberation of Kuwait.

The Vietnam War not only helped...