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K. Strother English Composition 1, 803 January 28, 2002 A Tangle at Ten It was a Sunday night, both dressed in black, me and my brother Jason waited until we heard the comfortable snore of our father. Both of us, at the tender age of ten, slowly crept by the dog, in hopes that she wouldn't awake, and slipped out the back door. It was a balmy night in the summer of 1992, the air was sweet, and the grass smelled radiant. The dampness under our feet made an annoying squeaky noise as we headed towards the fence. Jason went over the fence first, and I followed shortly after. Looking forward to a night of bliss as we challenged the possibility of getting caught. We were going to meet up with our neighbors, and had to be extra quiet when it came to their dad, who was an ex-military veteran, and could hear the sound of a penny drop from two miles away.

Ray and Lisa Munns, our dearest friends, were already waiting outside, dressed in black from head to toe, and camouflage paint on their faces. Jason and I painted our faces as well in the comfort of our cul-de-sac. The paint was thick, and we did not have much light to look our best.

"You ready to do this?" Jason asked.

"We are!" exclaimed the group.

We scurried down the street like we always did, with our regular goal of getting to our school and back. This time would be a little bit different, when we reached the end of the Baker 2 street there were two other girls hiding from us, as we did from people we didn't know.

"I know them," Ray said, "Those are two girls from my class." Ray was two years ahead of...