Remington Peckinpaw Davis Concepts Worksheet

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Remington Peckinpaw Davis Inc. Concepts Worksheet

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Remington Peckinpaw Davis Inc. Concepts Worksheet

Frame the "Right" Problem

RPD strives to be the leader in online trading by establishing successful project management and implementation practices to meet the needs of the stakeholders and deliver projects on time and within budget.



Gray, C. F., & Larson, E. W. (2006). Project Management: The Managerial Process (3rd ed.). New York, : The McGraw-Hill Companies.

Scenario. (2010) Scenario: Remington Peckinpaw Davis. Retrieved from University of Phoenix, MMPBL510 website.


Table 1

Issues and Opportunities Identification



Reference to Specific

Course Concept

RPD's online customers are experiencing problems with the new eRPD which are;

lengthy lag times in opening accounts, sporadic and inaccurate confirmations of trades, and errors in account information tracking and recording.

eRPD programs' scope can be defined to ensure the projects are providing the online customers with the benefits defined in the program plan.

Defining the project scope sets the stage for developing a project plan. Project scope is a definition of the end result or mission of your project-a product or service for our client/customer. The primary purpose is to define as clearly as possible the deliverable(s) for the end user and to focus project plans," (Gray & Larson, 2005, p. 100).

There is a deficiency in the process flow for the eRPD's strategic program process. The team should use a project management system which supplies a structure for the introduction and implementation of the project actions.

By developing a sound project management system,

RPD will have an insight on how the organization will manage the eRPD program.

Project Management Structures

"provides a framework for launching and implementing project activities within a parent organization. A good system appropriately...