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In David Nlyon's opinion, TV is a sewer that if you make it like an addictive, you could never left it easily. A professor of Media and the American studies at the university of Michigan, Susan Duglas; accepts that watching TV can be exhibition to condition.

However Susan Duglas believes dissimilar Nlyon's that children need to learn to estimate what they see and hear on TV and she wants parents to have enough boldness through the misshaped images and values.

In her daily life, although she can stand TV, sometimes she can complain because she has difficulties to shove her kid in front of the TV. They say white lies to their kid! Also she knows that by learning about TV and growing up with it, provides children with a form of cultural literacy that they will need, that will tie them to their friends and their generation and help them understand their place in the world.

The ability to be creative is an important factor in the development of a young child's mind. By sitting down and watching TV for a couple hours, the child is entertained, but is also not thinking. Information in spoon-fed to them, so when it comes time to read a book in school, some can have a hard time grasping ideas. They are so used to having images flash before them to provide understanding; they have trouble moving their eyes side to side to gather the information for themselves. With the TV in front of them, supplying amusement, they may never stop to think that putting a puzzle together, or reading a book could also be fun. They could actually become dependent on this one source of fantasy, and never bother to create their own. As the child grows older, it is less likely...