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Mohamed Kabir

AP European History

Thematic Essay

Humanism was a big turn in history during the Renaissance. One major field in which it perspired in was in the visual arts. Renaissance art influenced people to go beyond religion and think about the beauty of the creation of man itself. It influenced people to show more daily life, and the true physical and internal characteristics. This period opened up the mind of people to learn and educate themselves and they were able to portray there learnings in artwork which is truly amazing.

One piece of artwork that portrayed Renaissance art was the Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. It is a portrait of a woman that shows her physical beauty. The woman in the painting is gazing at the observer with calm eyes and a slight half smile. This expression shows calmness, beauty and a warm welcoming. Da Vinci puts a glow on the woman's face and her hands for emphasis.

He is emphasizing her face to show the calmness. He also emphasizes her hands so that we can see her hands are bare, with no ring, to show faithfulness. Leonardo da Vinci puts his own technology into this painting which was possible during the Renaissance because of realization.

The School of Athens by Raphael is a great painting that portrays Renaissance art. The artwork itself shows geometry within it. Raphael was able to paint this painting by leading the observers' eye to the vanishing point for the center of attention. In this painting the vanishing point leads to Aristotle and Plato, two great philosophers. These two great philosophers are surrounded by mathematicians and other great people including other philosophers. Raphael is showing how society has been growing with great people in their lives. People were able to learn, educate...