Renaissance, a period that developed a renewed interest in arts

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The renaissance was a period of European history that developed a renewed interest in the arts. The renaissance began in 14th century Italy, and spread to the rest of Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries. In this period, the society of the middle ages, which had an agricultural economy and a church-dominated intellectual and cultural life, was transformed into a society increasingly dominated by political institutions, with an urban, commercial economy, and developed a growing interest in education, the arts, and music. The term renaissance, literally means 'rebirth', and in this context, is referring to the 'rebirth' of the classical periods' ideals, texts, monuments, and aesthetics.

What causes historical change? There are a few things that can be involved in certain events to cause historical change. The first and most obvious, is people. Individuals like Columbus and Napoleon are good examples of people who create a change. The second item are ideas.

Columbus hypothesized that he could get to the East by sailing Westward. Certain ideas can create a person to take action which would assist in the process of change. The last item that can cause historical change are impersonal forces, such as maps, spiritual inspiration, and an education.

There are three main subjects that are important to discuss when considering the changes that occurred during the renaissance 'revolution.' The first subject to be discussed is the re-discovering of the Greek and Roman culture. The people that lived during the early part of the renaissance had found inspiration and used as models, the language, certain documents, and monuments. The revival of humanism, which was both secular and Christian, caused people to not look at themselves as forlorn sinners, but as God's favorites. People started to gain a sense of curiosity, they began to look at history as a...