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Semester 2 Report Period First Date2001 APR 26 Provincial Report Card Grade 9 - 12 ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Student Student No. Grade Principal Hoerenz, Alexander Jason 030-301-161 10 Warren, S Address Homeroom School Council Chair 153 King Solomon St, Ingersoll ON N5C 1P4 PPL2OM - ALEXANDER, K Coventry, Terry-Sue School Telephone Board Ingersoll District Collegiate Institute (519) 485 1200 Thanes Valley DSB Address Fax Address 37 Alma St, Ingersoll ON N5C 1N1 (519) 425 0142 Courses IEP = individualESL = English As a Second LanguageELD = English Literacy DevelopmentThese boxes my appear for each coursewhere appropriate. ReportPeriod Report Period PercentageGrade CourseMedian CreditEarned Comments Strengths/Areas for Improving Total ClassesClasses Missed Times Late Learning Skills E = Excellent, G = Good S = SatisfactoryN = Needs Improvement Works Independently Teamwork Organization Work Habits/Homework Initiative Course Title: Canadian History in the XX CenturyCourse Code: CHC2P1 - 02Teacher: Stewart, E.- IEP - ESL - ELD First 71 Alex shows fair knowledge of historyskills.

Does nice work. 444 0 E G G G G Course Title: EnglishCourse Code: ENG2P1 - 02Teacher: Webster, K. - IEP - ESL - ELD First 72 Alex shows good reading and Writing skills. It's a pleasure to have Alex in my class. 544 0 G G G G G Course Title: Healthy Active Living Ed Course Code: PPL2Om - O2Teacher: Alexander, K- IEP - ESL -ELD First 69 Keep working, you can improve this mark. 544 0 G G G G G Course Title: Computer and Information Science Course Code: TIK2O1 - 01 Teacher: Wilson, K.- IEP - ESL - ELD First 85 Good understanding of Visual Basic 6. 344s 1 G G G G G Student'sAverage 72 _____________________ To view provincial curriculum documents, visit the Ministry of Education's website: Principal's Signature for more information call (416) 325 2929 or toll free 1-800-387-5514 To parents or guardians and students: This copy of the report should be kept for reference. The original or an exact copy has been placed placed in the students Ontario Student Record (OSR) folder and will be retained for five (5) years after the student leaves school.