Report on Foreign Exchange market of Japan

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Report on Foreign Exchange market of Japan


Table of Contents

3Executive summary �

4Introduction �

5Foreign Exchange Market of Japan �

5Fluctuation in Yen "between" 2007-2009 �

9Determinants of Currency movements �

12Forecasting Japanese currency Yen over 2010 �

14Conclusion �

15References �



Executive summary

This report provides an in depth analysis of Forex market trend of the Japan especially from 2007to 2009. The Forex market of Japan is very volatile i.e. exchange rate of Yen fluctuates against the other country's currency significantly over a period of time. In this research, it is also discussed that how the different determinates create impact on exchange rate of Yen. The forecasted exchange rate of Yen is calculated with the help of past trend of the exchange rate of Yen. Forecasted exchange rate of Yen effectively helps to identify the trend of future Forex market of Japan.



The foreign exchange market is a market where currency is traded. Over the years, the foreign exchange market has emerged as one of the largest market in the world. The foreign exchange market is largely an over-the-counter market i.e. all trades are executed between exchange members. In the foreign exchange market, the traders include large banks, central banks, currency speculators, corporations, corporations, governments, and other financial institutions.

In foreign exchange market at retail level, travelers and tourists exchange currency in the form of currency notes or travelers' check. Retailers buy and sell currency from the banks and other institutions. At wholesale level, the participants are commercial banks, investment banks, corporation's banks and central banks. The wholesale market is also called interbank market. In this market transaction volume is very large (Bradstreet & Dun 2007).

In the world, every country has its own foreign...