Requirements for the appraisal interview in the form of the report (communication skills).

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To: Harold Mayhew

From: an independent consulting body.


Date: 2002-11-10


Dear Mr Harold Mayhew,

Following your request, I produced the following report. In the document below I would like to state in formation about appraisal interview techniques and their general effects on an organisation. However, the main body of my work will consist of analysis of problems associated with poor interview technique, which was discovered by me during your appraisal meeting with one of the production managers. I will also advise you on the possible solutions for these potentially conflicting situations, and make short summary of my recommendations in the form of conclusion.

2. General information.

2.1 Types of the appraisal interviews and the purpose for which they are conducted.

Appraisal of an employee is one of the main tasks facing the manager of an organisation. Depending on its specific purpose it can fall in the three main categories: assessment of achievements, assessment of performance and assessment of potential.

The main differences among those three approached arise from different day-to-day issues dealt in organisations. The term appraisal will be used if we deal with transfers, firing or pay. Whereas, the term performance evaluation interview would be used when we deal with the improvement of performance of an employee. On the contrary, the term assessment of potential would be applied when the aim is to determine the employee further growth opportunities. Nevertheless, the main topic of my report is appraisal interview, with which I`m going to deal in the follo9wing passages.

2.2 General objectives for the use of appraisal interview.

There are two main objectives for the use of appraisal interview. One of them is possibility to improve communication between superiors and subordinates within the organisation. By evaluating employees performance on a regular annual or semi-annual basis, managers...