Research Strategy Paper

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Research Strategy Paper


Research Strategy Paper

A problem that I have in my day-to-day life that I want to solve is how to fight procrastination and manage my time more effectively. When people especially students such as myself do not manage their time effectively, they may find themselves cramming for their tests or sitting at their computers until the last possible minute to post their assignment before the deadline. Poor time management increases stress and may cause students to turn in incomplete assignments. On the other hand, effective time management reduces procrastination and higher quality papers. Finding a solution for the problem is the first step toward solving this problem. To accomplish this task I need to research common causes of procrastination, discover what I need to do to solve the problem, and apply the techniques I have learned.

Information regarding procrastination and time management can be in a variety of places.

Choosing what information to gather requires an analysis of how much information I need. How much time should I spend gathering the information and is the information relevant (Carter, Bishop, & Kravits, 2007). One way to gather information is through the university library or the Internet. Both the library and the Internet offer an abundance of information, so much so that at times it can be overwhelming. A simple Internet search on time management and procrastination will return hundreds of websites dedicated to the topic. A number of these websites may explain the problem, however; they are general and the suggestions the offer are sometimes vague (McGuinness, 2007).

A number of books have been written regarding time management and procrastination. Many of these books can be purchased through online booksellers such as Google and Amazon. The table of contents for these books is often available so the...