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There are many dates that have said to been when Mark's Gospel was written, some historians say around 70CE, some 65CE, but the most common time said is around 66CE. It is said that Mark's Gospel was a Hellenistic Gospel and originally written for Greek speaking citizens of the Roman Empire. There are some people that look for the non-Hellenistic side of Mark's Gospel, these can be found in passages Mark 7:27 and Mark 8:27-30. These passages show that the audience of Mark has kept some of its Jewish Heritage and might not be as Hellenistic as others think.

It is thought that Mark's Gospel was written as a response to the Jewish war or to the deaths of Jesus' earliest followers. The author might have also been influenced by Jesus' life but wanted to make it seem more dramatic. Many university professors say that Mark's Gospel is a lot like a Greek drama and some even suggest that the author just made a new, mixed genre for the narrating of the life and death of Jesus.

There are many other reasons that people think Mark might have been influenced to the write the gospel. One interpretation is that Maek, who was Peter's interpreter, wrote down everything, not in order, of what he remembered of the Lord's sayings and doings. Another one was that Mark was told to write what the apostle had said by people who heard Peter's speeches in Rome.

Overall View of Mark's Gospel:

The Gospel of Mark is the second New Testament, ascribed to Mark the Evangelist. It talks about the life of Jesus from his baptism by John The Baptist to his resurrection, but it mainly focuses on the last week of his life. The most common date is in the 60's...